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About Us

We are your one-stop solution for all of your gardening service needs. We have highly qualified and experienced gardeners who specialize in landscaping and have an experience of over ten years in gardening and landscaping.

We have a team of 10 members with professional knowledge and work experience. They can design from roof terraces to any garden, whether small or big.


My passion was to become a full-time horticulture and landscape designer, started my own company in 2018. I turned my first love of gardening into a profession.

We provide friendly, polite, and kind service whenever you contact us for any gardening service. Our main goal is to get the highest customer satisfaction for our gardening service.

How We Approach Garden Landscaping and Design

We provide friendly, polite, and kind service whenever you contact us for any gardening service. Our main goal is to get the highest customer satisfaction for our gardening service. 


We do the groundwork with utmost care and provide quality service on time for our clients.


All you have to do is contact us. We will bring a smile to your face with our service.Anyone from our team will be happy to answer all your burning questions.


We will give equal importance to both small and big work. We are happily taking weekly and monthly services. The main aim is to bring your thoughts into reality.


Even if you don’t know about gardening and landscaping, our innovative, energetic and enthusiastic team maps what plants to plant in your garden.


We update you instantly on the working process to ensure it fulfils your desire and requirement. 


We work on both residential and commercial property

Garden Design and Landscape North London

Just Give us a Call Now

Our professional gardening team provides ideas about choosing the right

ornamental plants for your space.


Call support 24/7 with one of our export to clear all your doubts about our services.


Our team will take care of top gardening tools and equipment.


Customised service according to your needs.


Recently updated landscape designs will be provided to you; no more old methods.

Our pattern of work:


The important thing about our work is we always provide you with a rough draft or

Outline of our work to give you an idea about the work we will provide in future.


Our gardeners provide friendly fast, efficient service when you want the job done.Main speciality of us is providing on-time work.


Londoners can get our access in different areas as our expert team is present all over.So we provide quality, quick and efficient service when you need us.


Our prices:


Our services will be more than our quote price.


Garden maintenance-


Terrace gardening-

Balcony gardening-


Have experts to maintain your garden


● Easy online booking 24/7

● Pre-booking offers up to 20%

● Wastage clearance will be done for free.




1. Garden maintenance

2. Landscaping

3. Terrace gardening

4. Balcony gardening


1. Garden maintenance:


Your garden deserves well cleaned, adorable look with expert professional

gardeners. You should clear up your garden whenever it is clumsy and dirty to have a

visually appealing look. Visitors will be attracted if ground maintenance is done correctly

and properly.


This work cant be done by yourself as it requires some experience and skills. Our

professionals serve both commercial business spaces and home gardening. 


We guarantee the best quality services at affordable prices.


With more than ten years of experience in the industry, we want our clients to feel

completely satisfied with our garden maintenance service. 


Our garden maintenance service includes Hedge trimming, lawn mowing, flower planting,

small tree trimming, weeding, and leaf clearance.


We are available 24/7, even in holidays; you can book your services online


An extremely friendly and hospitable team of gardening experts will always have a

great rapport with all our customers and clients. We follow our promises with efficient

work on time, and you will feel complete satisfaction.


2. Terrace garden:


The terrace garden is also called a roof garden. It is more suitable for residential flats, individual houses, commercial hubs, godowns and factories. 


Growing vegetables, fruits, and flowers on terraces, balconies or roofs of buildings.


The modern method of gardening out of a small space like a porch area, paved concrete

patio, or a small balcony comes under terrace gardening. 


As we all live in city environments but still want to have a flourishing garden then, terrace gardening is the only option. It can be widespread depending upon your desires and space by ourexperts.


Vegetables suitable for a terrace garden is radish, peppers, cucumber, capsicum,

tomato, eggplant, layered herbs, leafy plants, potted trees, small root plants, hanging


Flower plant – English lavender, catmint, dahlias, yarrow, hardy,geraniums, spiderwort, daily lily.


Benefits of terrace garden:


1. Indoor temperature will be reduced.

2. Pesticide-free vegetables in your garden.

3. It relaxes your mind with its adorable beauty.

4. Reduces carbon level in the air.

5. Sound pollution will be reduced.

6. Acts as a habitat for bees, birds, and pollinators.


Our professionals will complete the entire setup within one week. You can begin harvesting within 2-3 months. 


One hour a day is enough to maintain your garden. The nutrient requirement of plants can befulfilled by organic manure,panchagavya,dasagavya, and kitchen waste.


Balcony gardening:


We change your bare balcony to a beautiful garden. We pick out the best flowers, vegetables, and herbs to grow or that suit your small balcony space. 


We analyse the balcony first and how much weight it can bear. Lightweight plastics or resin

containers, fibreglass, and fabric glass bags will be preferred, and lightweight compost will be available in the market to suit balcony gardens.


In summer, plants like begonias, petunias, osteospermum and busy lizzies are great fits

and brighten your balcony. Succulents are perfect for growing in a pot on a balcony.


Our team of experts will make use of every bit of space. We grow the plants on your

walls if you need more space. Many climbing plants grow happily for 2-3 years in

large containers. 


Terracotta and ceramic pots are heavily weighted, so they should not be used

for balcony gardening.




Beetroot, carrot, dwarf french beans, peas, potatoes, radishes, chillies, pepper, salad

onions, turnips, tomatoes.


Flowers: Petunias, mums, geraniums.




Bringing your dream garden design to true with professional landscape gardeners at

your home.


Lawn turfing:


Professional lawn laying with real and artificial turf in London, depends on your preference.

Free lawn maintenance after turfing.Long-lasting turf and high-quality fresh turf for the garden in London.

Once you reach out to us, our experts will arrive at your property conveniently. The size of the property will be measured precisely, and choose the right type of grass that will suit most of your needs.

Landscaping encompasses fence installation, decking installation and repair, paving, planting and flowerbeds, shed installation and repair, living walls installation, trampoline installation, retaining wall installation and repair, and brickwork services.

Being in the landscaping industry for more than ten years, we have created beautiful

landscapes for both residential and commercial properties in London.


Best flowers for your garden:


We provide you with the best landscape service you can ever find anywhere. Our

Experts will select gorgeous seasonal flowers for your landscape. And also, position the flowers in the right place to find more attractive.


Maintaining the landscape:


The natural beauty of the surrounding should be maintained with proper care of trees

,shrubs, removing leaves, pruning, lawn aeration etc.


Benefits of lawn mowing services:


1. Fully experienced professional experts provide complete service.

2. Great discounts when booked with additional services like garden maintenance and

garden design.

3. We work 24/7 without considering weather conditions.

4. Highly efficient petrol mowers are used, so electricity is unnecessary.


How we execute our services:


Our team of gardeners will arrive at your place after the appointment is fixed.

All equipment and tools will be taken care of by themselves.

The blueprint of the work will be discussed with you briefly.

After the quoted price is agreed upon, the efficient team will start working with

the necessary tools.

Our customers care, and the representative is always open to you with any queries or



Fencing and fence repair:


Old fences will be replaced by custom-made new ones that satisfy your needs.


Artificial grass laying:


Synthetic or natural grass is installed depending on your preference.




Beautiful flowering plants are planted along the side of pavings, and natural stone,

like pebbles and marble stones, are used to increase intrinsic beauty.