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Spice up your garden or landscape with the perfect plant species for your home. Summit Landscaping London services combine design and implementation to give your yard a beautiful balance of look and practicality.

Our Planting plan starts with a visit from a plant specialist from Summit Landscaping London. He will be your project manager and will be responsible for offering you different options to choose from, he will get all your ideas and create the perfect planting designs.

Dealing with Summit Landscaping London is very easy, thanks to our expert suggestions during the planning phase. Some plants are better to avoid certain types of pests, or need to be planted at the right season. Selecting the right type of trees, plants and shrubs for your garden will give you the look you’re hoping to achieve, while alleviating worries about unnecessary pests infestations and reduce the maintenance costs.

Unless on particularly rainy months, plants should be watered regularly, but don;t worry, our irrigation department will create an automated system, or hidden underground irrigation systems, easily configurable for specific times of the year. Our Summit Landscaping London Professionals will add irrigation system where they know is necessary, allowing your garden to be always bloomy green as the first day it was laid.

After we added all the plantings, we will show you how to configure the irrigation system for different seasons, so we will not have to worry about anything at all.

Landscaping London - Plants

Landscaping London - Plantings

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