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Summit Landscaping London carpentry department can turn outdoor spaces into outdoor paradises. Just think how beautiful are blooming annuals while sitting on your amazing deck. Enjoy your afternoons relaxing under the a pergola while covered by gorgeous, climbing plants.

Decking is a very common and practical product, and our talented team of professionals can create some outstanding designs, no matter the amount of curves and angles necessary. We can use previous used plans to show you some examples, in order to simplify the selection. Build a deck to surround your swimming pool, or just attach one to your home to increase the living space and the value of your home.

We also offer Arbors which are an excellent option to fill and decorate walkways and create private retreats. We build gazebos, pergolas and we decorate them planting a stunning selection of annuals to surround it with the desired colour.

Summit Landscaping London also provides Wood fences, the perfect way to increase privacy and security in your home, after the installation we can cover the fences as well with annuals to achieve the desired results. Great to protect your garden from wildlife, we have plenty of pictures for you to see the amazing landscapes we are able to create.

Landscaping London - Decking

Landscaping London - Woodwork

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