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Athletic Fields and Courts

Summit Landscaping London also has a sport department specialised to build a backyard tennis courts, golf court or a athletic field. Practice with your family, create an awesome recreation area for your friends and icrease the value of your house all in one. If you call, we will construct your own field of dreams.

Our athletic courts are great for commercial and residential use and can be built in any shapes and sizes. We can design for basketball, tennis, karting, skating, surfaces of all kind. We include all accessories like basketball hoops, nets and all the necessary equipment necessary for you to start playing. Other accessories, like lighting, fences, sidewalks, paths and surrounding fences can be built contemporarily to make sure that your landscape looks great.


Other Fields

Summit Landscaping London, sport department can also construct athletic soccer, football, rugby, cricket fields to very high standards! The initial planning of the athletic field can often be way simpler then making sure that the ground is level and the grass is cut perfectly. Sometimes, the installation of irrigation systems is necessary to ensure proper watering and drainage required for the grass to be green and healthy at all times. We also offer full maintenance to maintain your athletic fields with the best look possible, if you expect high usage of the surroundings of the field, you can request our amazing artificial lawns. Summit Landscaping London has a wide range of outdoor options, our sports department also offers a great choice of solutions for inside your house. We can create indoor fields and courts required for any type of sports, including commercial gyms, indoor basketball fields in wood and resin.

If you have decided to start doing some exercise, you are just one call away to your new fit life.


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